Knit Afghan – No Place Like Home

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be taken off on a tangent. After a week of camping in a tipi, I returned home to find a hot-off -the-press copy of No Place Like Home. The timing could not have beenĀ better!

My ideas of camping and the reality of the past week look nothing alike.

I imagined . . . our family walking barefoot through green fields listening to a delicate chorus of birds chirping, appreciating the stars in the infinite night sky, roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

What actually happened . . . Each morning we high-stepped over a landmine of duck scat, fought off a family of field mice trying to occupy the tipi, and every night we lay wide awake with the roaring jets from the main airport path above our heads.

So yes, I am more than thankful to be back home.

The Bristol Afghan featured in No Place Like Home was designed last fall and I am happy to see it in print.

Here are the Happy campers of the bunch!




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